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Six WheelerWe started building Six Wheelers in 1985.  But towards the end of 2006, the Federal Transport Department restricted the scope of what we could do, and we were forced to change our business

But with 1200 vehicles on the road in Australia, we had a huge customer base who still needed our support.  And so, for the last 5 years I have kept the lines of communication open and provided those owners with  parts and advice.  Now, the authorities have reviewed their policies and we are back in business providing vehicles for all those people who need something different.

The vehicles available for modification in 1985 were a lot different to today.  And so our new Six Wheeler has kept up with the vehicles available.  Same basic design which is tried and proven tough and reliable.  But with some features that make for better ride and handling. 

Because all the manufactures have now got bigger cabs and more power in their dual cab vehicles, we will not be doing cab cuts any more.  Our business will concentrate on chassis work and unique tray bodies that will suit you, the customer.  The photos on this web site are all conversions done in the past.  I will post new photos as the vehicles leave Dalby .

Hints and Tips about your new SixWheeler.

It is a misnomer to call it a “lazy axle”.  Because it is the extra axle that does more than its fair share of the work.   It works hard all day and costs very little to keep.  Running costs are minimal and there are almost no wearing parts.  4 bushes and a pair of wheel bearings and brake shoes.  The rear tyres will outlast the others by heaps.  And, for the same load, the vehicle will use less fuel.

Tyre pressures should be lower than normally accepted.  And the lazy tyres should be a further 15psi lower than the drive.  This is because the load share is around 60/40 and therefore so should the tyre pressures.

The brakes in this axle are NOT self-adjusting and should be nipped up when the vehicle gets serviced. The 4 shackle bolts should not be tight, just firm.  Because the spring needs movement through the mounts, you will sometimes hear creaking noise from this area.  Turn your ears off.  Steel on steel will always squeak and groan.  Accept it, because in a thousand vehicles, no-one has found a way to stop it.

That’s about all you will need to know.  Give us a call when you need parts or advice.

Kind regards,   Gary and Mike Briggs.

Six Wheeler lazy axle conversions

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