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Carry More

More weight

GVM range from 4200 - 5490kg
Payloads up to 2100kg on a car license
Up to 2800kg on a light truck license

More Length

2.1 - 2.7m on a dual cab
2.6 - 3.3 on a space cab
3-3.6m on a single cab

More Safety

6 wheel brakes
6 discs on a Landcruiser!

More Stability

Transfers weight towards the font of the vehicle for improved handling

More Comfort

Modern 6 wheelers can be set up to ride better than original (especially loaded)

More Efficiency

Compared to a heavily loaded 4 wheeler, the 6 wheeler has less rolling resistance

More Tyre Life

Overloaded tyres on 4 wheelers wear badly and are prone to dangerous blowouts The rear tyres on 6 wheelers do scrub a little on corners but last longer than overloaded singles Even in the unlikely event of a blowout, a 6 wheeler remains much more stable to get you home safely