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Our amazing Eye--Tie Trays come with a range of accessories to make your life easier and more functional than a standard tray:



Hinge Hooks

Solid Hinge Hooks make moving your sides on and off your tray a breeze and gives you piece of mind

Steel Lockable Tool Boxes

Always be confident of where your gear is with these stylish, durable and convenient steel lockable tool boxes

Drawer for Storage or Ramps

Keep all your gear secure and easy at hand with our convenient under tray drawers. Also fits our Nice Rack when removed. 


Clamp points on the roll bars for awnings and other accessories

12 Volt Plug

Eye -- Tie Power Outlet for fridge and light bar lets you get power where you need it, when you need it

Light Bracket

Solid Light Brackets for turning night into day whatever angle you like

LED Tail Lights

We use LED tail lights because they are the best

Solid Steps

Handy steps can attach anywhere around the tray available in many formats

Adjustable Clamping System

Patented Eye--Tie tie down points around the whole tray for extra safety and convenience also allow accessories to be locked in place.