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We know you have a lot of questions about our vehicle technology so we've compiled a bunch of handy videos so that we can show you the answers, direct from our workshop.

So have a look through the below information and videos, then come and see us to book your vehicle in for the Six Wheeler upgrade.

How can I finance a conversion on my vehicle?
There are a number of ways a vehicle can be financed. We can put you in touch with our broker, and or there are an increasing number of dealers who are happy to bundle the conversion into the new car package. Alternatively, raid that mattress as we do accept cash, and or a bank transfer is fine.

What certification can I get?
Most of our customers opt for the 4,495Kg GVM increase conversion option, but we do offer a heavy vehicle variant on most brands with GVM's from 4,710Kg up to 5,800Kg. On our approved range of brand new, unregistered light vehicles (Ranger, BT50, Dmax, Landcruiser Ute, Amarok, D40 Navara) we apply a new federal compliance plate, so the vehicle is first registered as a Six Wheeler. This means registration is a simple process in any state or territory. No need for any engineering approvals for the life of the vehicle (as long as it is not modified again).

All our vehicles leave here with vehicle specific data plates stating weight and towing capacities, as well as a new tyre rotation and tyre pressure chart.

On previously registered light vehicles certification varies by state as follows:

Queensland - we issue a Blue plate in house.

NSW - an independent engineer signs off on the work at our workshop and submits approvals electronically with the RMS. You need to confirm details when you get home.

Victoria - once the completed vehicle gets back to Vic, then it needs to be taken to our approved engineers in Melbourne, who then inspect and issue the appropriate VASS certificate.

SA/WA - we need to seek approval to modify the vehicle before the work is done. The vehicle is then inspected on completion back in that state.

NT - ask us, as they change a bit, as do Tasmania.

For heavy vehicle variants please get in touch.

Will registration go up?
Typically yes, as the registration in most states is based on either the GVM or tare weight. As most conversions have a GVM of 4,495Kg you can check with your local state/territory Dept of Transport to see what costs apply. Note that these costs will differ for public vs commercial use, but again it depends on your local regulations.

Where can I stay when my car is being converted?
Toowoomba has quite a few different caravan parks as well as the show grounds, with regular buses around town.

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