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2.4m integrated Bull canopy on a dual cab Dmax
Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler with a CSM service body fitted for an electrical contractor.
A Toyota Landcruiser six wheeler with a 2.6m tray, fitted as an off site service vehicle.
A hybrid 2.4m canopy & tray combo providing secure storage & flexibility.
Single cab Landcruiser ute Six Wheeler with a custom soil drilling rig mounted onto the chassis.
Standard dual cab Landcruiser six wheeler ute with a 2.6m Eye~Tie steel floor tray with alloy sides.
A custom motorcycle collection set up on a six wheeler
Single cab Toyota Landcruiser, with a 3.5m Eye~Tie tray for a fleet customer.

Vehicle overloading is illegal! Is it really worth the risk? 

Did you know that an overloaded vehicle is not only illegal but can also result in hefty fines for both the driver and the company.

Did you also know that a large number of fleet & service vehicles fitted with steel trays and canopies are overweight before occupants & fuel loads are added?

A Six Wheel conversion on your vehicle provides a low cost, low maintenance vehicle upgrade to provide a safe and compliant vehicle for a range of carrying and towing applications (increased GVM's and towing capacities). Perfect for mining, fleet, tradies and local government applications.


Stay safe & stay Legal with a Six Wheeler Conversion - your fleet advantage

A Six wheeler:

• Enhances operator safety & comfort with NCAP rated vehicles - Switching operators to car like vehicles with their NCAP safety features left intact, reduces operator fatigue on longer trips when compared with driving rigid light trucks.

• Improves vehicle ride & handling - With an extra braked axle, plus enhanced suspension, the ride is far more compliant at full GVM, reducing vehicle body roll and wallowing.

• Improves compliance & eliminate fines - operators driving overloaded vehicles are personally liable. If that vehicle is in an accident, then insurances can be void and large fines can apply.

• Lower cost, lower maintenance when compared with rigid light trucks.

• Reduced downtime - most dealers stock parts for light commercial vehicles. Why wait for parts for trucks?

• Increased payloads and load space - one six wheeler can perform the function of 2 standard utes with the extra load carrying capacity, and extra load space, lowering accident risks and reducing total fleet kilometres driven.

• Lower CapEx - for less than half the cost of a brand new vehicle, the conversion can be performed on your vehicle.

• Functional & safe Eye~Tie Trays - Our unique internal tie down points on our heavy duty Eye~Tie trays allow loads of any shape and size to be strapped securely within the tray. Multi position latches are also available to secure tool boxes and other accessories and with robust side board latches, say goodbye to those annoying rattles.

• We also partner with a number of canopy manufacturers to provide that custom fleet fitout to suit every requirement.