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Toyota Hilux Six Wheeler

After the Hilux being MIA in our line up for nearly 15 years, we are pleased to announce that the Six Wheeler Toyota Hilux federal SSM approvals have finally been granted. nb the conversion is not an officially endorsed modification by Toyota but a number of dealers will facilitate the upgrades.


We are pleased to announce that we now have a full Federal SSM approval in place for the light vehicle variant of the Toyota Hilux.

This approval applies to the Hilux models from August 2017 onwards.

We can offer two GVM options:

• 4,495Kg with towing capacity up to 4,500Kg

• An expected 4,680Kg GVM as a heavy vehicle (pending SSM approval, and a minimum of a light rigid truck licence required)

Our cab chassis build is similar to our other builds, giving enhanced ride and comfort as well as increased payload and load space.

The chassis is braced, and extended behind the drive axle with the extension tailored to suit the tray length. Our custom tow bar is then installed to match that tray length ensuring the ball sits just proud of the rear of the tray.

We can do these builds on brand new vehicles prior to first registration for full federal approval and a new compliance plate (1st registered as a Six Wheeler), or on previously registered models for most states and territories (except WA & Tas). Some other conditions apply pending individual state legislation.