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Carry More Off Road

6 Wheelers have been used for over 30 years for all kinds of tough off-road work, including off-road tour buses on Fraser Island, Cape York Peninsular, The Red Centre and The Kimberley, mine service vehicles for open cut and underground mines, crop spraying on black-soil cultivation, support vehicles on adventure rallies,  and even as supply vehicles for desert exploration, without mentioning our more adventurous everyday travellers.

All 6 Wheelers are NOT created equal

Our unique suspension system has a 60 : 40 load share between the rear axles, whereby 60-65% of the load remains on the drive axle in most situations.
This, combined with up to 300mm of articulation between the rear axles, enables our 6 wheelers to go where any standard 4WD travels. Our 6 wheelers can keep up with their unmodified 4 wheeler counterparts in most situations when empty, but when loaded the 6 wheeler will greatly out-perform the 4 wheeler.
This is due to the stability of our rig, the weight distribution of the load and vehicles flotation.


Why Not 6x6?

A 6 wheel drive vehicle isn’t very practical for the majority of our customers. Sure they can look good, and have impressive off road capabilities, but for most they would not take their vehicles into those situations
6x6 systems have a lot of moving parts and a lot of disadvantages. A 6X6 has a much higher purchase price and higher ongoing maintenance costs. The added components in a 6x6 = a higher tare weight (about 300-400kg) reducing the payload we can achieve on a car license. With equal load share between the 2 rear axles and with 4 wheels pushing straight ahead, this makes them harder to steer off-road and they can scrub tyres.
That said, if you have a habit of getting bogged in a stock 4WD, and or your application calls for a 6x6 then we can help with that too, but sometimes it is as simple as installing diff locks in addition to the conversion.