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Six Wheeler Conversion Inspiration - Convert your ute Today!

The MY21 Isuzu Dmax off the hoists and ready for paint. The 1st stage of the design, build and testing process.
Ford Ranger dual cab with colour coded 2.4m Eye~Tie tray
Ford Ranger dual cab chassis build for a 2.4m tray length. 2" lift all round
LC79 Dual Cab - 5,495Kg GVM, 4,500Kg towing capacity & 8,995Kg GCM with a 2.4m Eye~Tie tray
LC79 with 300mm chassis extension and conversiom. New 5,495Kg GVM, 4,500Kg towing & an 8,995Kg GCM. Boasts a 2.4t payload on its 2.6m tray
A space cab Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler with our all new 2.9m alloy Eye~Tie tray. GVM sits at 4,710Kg with an 8,210Kg GCM (4,500Kg towing)
2020 Ford Ranger FX4 Six Wheeler with a 2.6m Eye~Tie tray.
Our 1st Ford Ranger Six Wheeler Supertub for 2020 with a custom hard lid. These tubs are custom built, with internal dimensions of 2.45m x 1.25m, so able to take 2 standard size pallets. GVM's of 4,495Kg or 4,840Kg with 4,500Kg towing available.
Ford Ranger Six Wheeler with a custom 2.4m Canopy setup from Sparks Industries Australia. This is arguably one of the best touring setups we have seen.
Our 200 series Toyota Landcruiser builds are now federally SSM approved with up to 5,800Kg GVM with 4,500Kg towing & 9,300Kg GCM
A Ford Ranger dual cab, with a flat bed Eye~Tie alloy tray fitted with the customers old canopy, leavig some extra tray deck out the back.
Single Cab Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler with a 3.5m steel floor Eye~Tie tray for a commercial customer. 2t usuable payload at the 4,495Kg GVM with 4,500Kg towing (max towing at full GVM of 3,710Kg)
Ford Ranger 6 Wheeler. Expedition ready with a 4,495Kg GVM & 4,500Kg towing. Tray & canopy by Conweld
Camping with Cubs lifted Ford Ranger Six Wheeler showing off some "flex"
Your car before, during and after our conversion process. (Isuzu Dmax shown)
Ford Ranger Six Wheeler fitted with a 2.4m Bull Motor Bodies canopy/tray combo. Lockable space in the front, & open tray at the rear.
A V6 "Ultimate" spec VW Amarok Six Wheeler, with a 2.4m Eye~Tie tray.
Ford Ranger Wildtrak Six Wheeler with a steel floor Eye~Tie tray and painted sideboards. This unti will be carrying a larger slide on camper.
Single cab Landcruiser Ute with a 3.3m chassis. Existing canopy re-fitted to rear, giving space for a 700mm filler box.
An SSM cab chassis 2019 V6 VW Amarok Six Wheeler ready for a 2.4m tray. 4,495Kg GVM, 4,500Kg towing
2019 Ford Ranger Six Wheeler with 2.4m Eye~Tie tray (antique silver powder coat) - 4,495Kg GVM, 4,500Kg towing
Toyota LC79 Dual Cab with Mozzi Boat Loader
Our V6 VW Six Wheeler Amarok on a desert trip. This is carrying a Travelander slide on camper, with additional canopy, grossing 4.3t
A Mazda BT50 Six Wheeler fitted with a custom 2.4m canopy set up from The Ute Store.
200 series Toyota Landcruiser dual cab six wheeler, standard wheelbase with our Eye~Tie tray
We make some pretty "cool" vehicles. This fridge body Mazda BT50 Six Wheeler is an ice truck.
Single cab Landcruiser, with a 3.5m Eye~Tie tray. Heavy vehicle GVM of 5,495Kg, 4,500Kg towing and 8,995Kg GCM
Ford Ranger Six Wheeler with a 2.4m steel floor Eye~Tie tray
A 2.4m steel floor Eye~Tie tray with built in D'Angelo folding gooseneck hitch, black powder coat.
Toyota Landcruiser 200 series dual cab Six Wheeler, with 700mm chassis stretch.
Our Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler at Cockatoo Creek in Cape York
A new touring set up on a Mazda BT50 dual cab.
A 79 series Toyota Landcruiser Six Wheeler cab chassis, ready for a custom tray and canopy build.
A Mazda BT50 Freestyle Cab Six Wheeler, with a 3m Eye~Tie tray, carrying a larger Summerlife slide on camper.
A Toyota Landcruiser dual cab Six Wheeler set up for local government off site maintenance work.
Six Wheeler Isuzu Dmax with a CSM canopy set up for an electrical contractor.
Isuzu Dmax six wheeler with custom canopy & 30 Second Awning
Six Wheelers are perfect for those big loads, including the Big Prawn
Dress up a basic tray with our new dual wheel alloy mud guards
Barry taking delivery of his new Six Wheeler
Carry More with a Six Wheelers increase GVM and payload. This one has a Mozzie boat loader fitted
Mazda BT50 Six Wheeler with a Palomino slide on camper.
Our 6x4 Supertub - a custom 2.45m styleside tub
Twin BT50 Freestyle Cab Six Wheelers with Beyond Campers in the outback
Dual cab Ford Ranger with a 5th wheel hitch
Isuzu Dmax Six Wheeler carrying an Ozcape slide on camper
Take our Six Wheelers anywhere you can take a standard 4wd!
Perfect tow vehicles for 5th wheelers & goosenecks
A steel floor Eye~Tie tray fitted with a Hayman Reese R20 5th wheel hitch (now superseded).
A custom SIA jack off service body on a very good looking merlot dual cab Landcruiser six wheeler.
79 series dual cab Toyota Landcruiser Six Wheeler towing a larger Spinifex caravan.
Isuzu Dmax Space cab six wheeler with a Travelhome 5th wheeler
Dual cab Landcruiser Ute with 2.6m Eye~Tie tray & ladder rack
Toyota Landcruiser single cab with custom drill rig
A Navara with custom canopy setup. Original canopy to the rear, with a new filler box in front.
A SixTrak Supertub rear end.
BT50 Space cab with an Active Camper & filler box
Six Wheelers are perfect for towing those heavy, longer loads, including helicopters.
Ford Ranger Six Wheeler carrying a large slide on camper and also fitted with an in fill box.
A Nissan Navara six wheeler carrying a Northstar slide on camper & towing some toys!
A Mazda BT50 six wheeler showing the original tray moved to the rear of the new chassis, and a filler box installed.
A Mazda BT50 six wheeler with a service body fitted for off location maintenance
Dual cab 79 series Landcruiser cab chassis
Gary Briggs with rally legend Bruce Garland on an Isuzu I-Venture rally to Moreton Island
This shows our parallel tray runners for easy mounting of trays & canopies without extra cross members & legs
Our typical, custom built 4,500Kg rated tow bar assembly
Can't drive to us - we can put on transport to anywhere in Australia.