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More weight

Six Wheeler conversions are perfect for those who need to carry more, whether that be a large slide-on camper, or a drilling rig for the business.
We offer GVM increases on modern utes to between 4,200Kg & 5,490kg
Payload increases up to 1,900kg on a car license
Payload increases up to 2,500kg on a light truck licence (vehicle dependant)

More Length

2.4m - 2.6m trays on a dual cab - fit 2 standard pallets onboard
2.6m - 3m trays on a space cab
3m - 3.6m trays on a single cab

More Safety

6 wheels braking helping you stop quicker
6 wheel discs on a Landcruiser!
Retains ABS systems where fitted
Full legal compliance on all conversions

More Stability

Transfers weight towards the front of the vehicle for improved handling.
We also get far less body roll given the extra axle & suspension.

More Comfort

Modern 6 wheelers can be set up to ride better than original (especially loaded)
We tailor the suspension on every conversion to suit your individual load and towing requirements.

More Efficiency

Compared to a heavily loaded 4 wheeler, the loaded 6 wheeler has less rolling resistance so won't change fuel consumption.

More Tyre Life

Overloaded tyres on 4 wheelers wear badly and are prone to dangerous blowouts. The rear tyres on 6 wheelers do scrub a little on corners but last longer than overloaded singles. Even in the unlikely event of a blowout, a 6 wheeler remains much more stable to make sure you get home safely


GVM And How It Applies To You

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