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From Slide-on Campers to 5th Wheelers, Mining Services and Fleets, we've got your custom 6 Wheeler options covered

Our Six Wheeler conversion can include configuring your vehicle to your exact driving needs so that the vehicle can be put to work straight away.

This means tuning the suspension to suit your payload and towing requirements as well as ensuring that you enjoy a smooth and safe ride, adding custom boxes, water tanks, electric brake controllers, and other accessories to create a highly functional solution.

These solutions also extend to commercial applications. Our team has delivered some impressive vehicles to numerous businesses across Australia for specific working applications, from Six Wheeler buses on Fraser Island to custom drilling rig carriers.

Our custom set-ups also suit fleet buyers looking for service vehicles that can be fully optioned to work remotely without fear of overloading. Many mine and remote location vehicles need the extra carrying capabilities provided by our Six Wheeler Conversion's various GVM increases.

Remember, with our experience from over 1,450 conversions, we can offer a solution for most special applications.