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Six Wheeler Conversions has been converting vehicles to Six Wheelers since 1985. 

Initially called Briggs Enterprises, we're known as Australia's leading experts in the Six Wheeled vehicle industry. You've probably heard about us from someone who drives a Six Wheeler. That's how we mostly sell, by word of mouth. Our best sales people are the people already driving vehicles converted by us, which really does say great things about the company.  We also realise that a Six Wheeler is not necessarily the right solution for everybody and if we think you'd be better off with something else, we'll tell you. Six Wheeler Conversions is based in Dalby and Toowoomba, located west of Brisbane. With a modern manufacturing facility at our disposal, we have been doing conversions for people all over Australia for 30 years.


The Team

Gary Briggs, who setup the business 30 years ago, is still very much involved.  Mike Briggs (son) is the guy on the tools. Having been involved since he was 10, he is well versed in the business.  With 60 years of experience between them, they have now built over 1200 vehicles.