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Six Wheelers have improved load carrying, towing and handling abilities

To carry more. (Comfortably and safely)

If you have a standard ute and it has always been big enough- you don’t need a 6 wheeler. But if you are like most people who “work” a ute, it is never quite big enough. The advantage of the extra axle is in its ability to carry extra load, without the increased running costs or the hassles of driving a truck. 

  • An increase in tray length of about 1 metre 
  • An increase of weight load by up to 1 tonne 
  • Fantastic towing ability and comfort!
  • Extra braking capacity from the braked rear axle 
  • Great stability and handling on all road surfaces 
  • Reduced running costs compared to a heavily loaded standard vehicle (Standard vehicles are cheap to run when they are empty but when heavily loaded, the back tyres bulge out of shape causing greatly increased wear and fuel consumption. Spreading the weight over 4 tyres reduces rolling resistance and tyre wear) 
  • Approximately 60/40 load share over rough ground. The system works like a pivot, so that as one wheel goes up, the other comes down harder.

Most 6 Wheelers have an increased GVM of 4200-4500kg and, a legal payload of 1500-2000kg. Because of the better load distribution along the chassis, the vehicle will actually carry 2 tonne much easier than the original 1 tonne payload, with far less stress on the chassis. Gone are the days of nose up, rear down when loaded. 

The better load sharing means the ride is greatly improved. Gone are pitch, body roll and other handling problems of 1 tonne vehicles. The ride is actually improved. You won’t recognize it as the same vehicle to drive. 

The increased braking ability from the rear hydraulic brakes, combined with the extra rubber on the ground, makes it a safer vehicle to drive. Gone is the tendency to fishtail or broadside on a gravel road, and its ability on corrugated road is impressive. 

Another major improvement is the vehicles towing ability. The enhanced stability of the Six Wheeler carries more ball weight and overcomes sway to make your trailer or van tow like a dream. Then the extra brakes do their job as well. With this, conventional trailers up to 4 tonne and gooseneck or 5th wheel trailers and vans up to 5.5 tonne can be accommodated.

Six Wheeler conversions are particularly good for towing, and in the case of tray back versions, they lend themselves particularly well to carrying Camper Vans. The Camper Vans can also be larger.