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Eye-Tie Trays

Dingo Australia's patented Eye-Tie Trays combine practical, easy to use elements with stylish design for a tray that's superior to any other tray on the road.
Instead of having 2 rope rails to tie the load, Eye-tie trays have a series of “eyes” that the hooks on all brands of straps simply hook through.  So we “TIE THROUGH THE EYES”.  We have these eyes all around the tray, inside and outside, so that a load can be properly secured, and even low loads can be secured properly instead of trying to pull over the sideboards. 

Additionally, the combination of Alloy and Steel means that your tray is tough, light and stylish with custom colours available for all jobs. 
Extra storage compartments built in makes storing your tools, loading ramps and ladders a breeze with a handy space for anything you might need during the working week as well as a weekend out on the trails. 
With specialist truss headboard design, the headboards are sturdy and have convenient eye-tie points built in for extra tie down options. And if you want extra height on the sides, our sideboards are built stackable - simply add another set to create a higher barrier around your tray. 
Whatever you need to move, Eye-Tie Trays have you got you covered with the best options in safety and convenience. 

Contact us today to find out the best Eye-Tie Tray options for you!